North American - A trickster-god of the Chippewa. One of quadruplets. Brother of Chibiabos and Flint. He was a shape-changer who often appeared as a rabbit. In some versions, he was descended from Nokomis and, when the Underwater Panthers tried to kill her by causing a flood, Manabozho called on the beavers and others to bring up mud from the bottom from which he made dry land and saved Nokomis. His enmity of the Underwater Panthers was based on the fact that they had seized and killed his brother Chibiabos. He was later given the secrets of the Mide ceremony which enabled him to resurrect his brother whom he made ruler of the underworld. As a healing deity, he instituted the medicine-feast known as Mide. He is sometimes equated with Gluskap or Hiawatha. His brother, Flint, had killed their mother when they were born and Manabozho killed Flint when they grew up. Known as Manabozho, Hiawatha, Hiawatha, Hai-en-Wat-ha, Haiowatha, Hayowentha, Hy-ent-wat-ha, Manabosho, Manabosho, Manabush, Manabush, Great Hare, Manabusch, Abnaki Gluskap, Chippewa Manabozho, Iroquois Ioskeha, Montagnais Messou, Wabus, Manibozho, Manibozho, Michabo, Michabo, Lord Hare, Lord of the Day, Messibizi, Messon, Missabos, Missiwabun, Wabun, Minabozho, Minabozho, Nanabozho, Nanabozho, Nanaboojoo, Nanabush, Nanibozho, Nhenebush, Winabozho, Winabozho, Minabozha, Minabozha, Menominee Manabush, Menominee Manabush, Gluskap, Ioskeha or Messou.

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