Mama Ocllo

South American - Daughter of Inti. Sister of Ayar Ayca, Ayar Cachi, Ayar. Manco, Ayar Oco and Manco Capac. She married her brother, Ayar Manco or Manco Capac, and founded the Inca dynasty. In one story she went on ahead of the others to look for a suitable place to settle and came to Cuzco. Here she killed a peasant and disembowelled him. Dangling his blood-covered liver from her mouth, she entered the village and all the inhabitants fled, thinking they were about to be attacked by a cannibalistic monster. She and her brothers and sisters were then able to take over the village unopposed. On occassion, identified as Mama Ocllo, Cori Ocllo, Cori Ocllo, Mama Coyo, Mama Coyo, Coyo Mama, Mama Coya, Children of the Sun, Mama Ocllo Huaco, Mama Ocllo Huaco, Mama Ocollo, Mama Ocollo, Mama Oella, Mama Oella, Mama Ogllo, Mama Ogllo, Mama Oqlyo or Mama Oqlyo.

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