North American - A creator-god of the Algonquin. A wolf-god. Twin brother of Gluskap. He made all the evil features of this world. He killed his mother at birth when emerging from her armpit and he killed his brother with the feather of an owl, the only thing which could harm him. Gluskap came back to life and Malsum tried again with a pineroot but Gluskap merely laughed and drove him into the woods. Quah-beet heard Gluskap say that he could be killed by a flowering rush and he passed this on to Malsum. When the Quah-beet asked for the wings of a bird as reward, Malsum scoffed at him so Quah-beet told Gluskap what he had done. Gluskap then dug up a fern, the only thing that could harm Malsum, and used it to kill his brother who lived as the wolf, Lox, in the underworld thereafter. In some lore, occasionally identified as Malsum, Maslum, Maslum, Wolf or Wolf.

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