European - An Italian enchanter. One of Charlemagne's paladins. Cousin of Rinaldo. In a French version, he was Maugis, son of Beuve and twin brother of Vivien. When the Saracens invaded, Vivien was abducted but Maugis was saved by the fairy Orianda and was taught magic by her brother, Baudris. At the great tournament arranged by Charlemagne, Malagigi recognised Angelica as an enchantress and tried to kill her. Instead, he was captured by Angelica and her brother Argalia and transported to Albracca where he was imprisoned in a rock under the sea. After the defeat of the Saracens, he suspected Gano of treachery and summoned up the demon Ashtaroth, demanding that he find Rinaldo and Ricardetto and bring them quickly to Roncesvalles. When Rinaldo fell out of favour with Charlemagne and his horse Bayard was taken by the prince, Charlot, Malagigi tricked Charlot and recovered Bayard and also freed Rinaldo's brothers who had been imprisoned by the emperor. Sometimes known as Malagigi, Malagis, Malagis, Maugis, Dutch Malagjis, Dutch Malagjis, French Mal-gist or French Mal-gist.

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