Buddhist - A goddess. One of the Pancharakshas. An aspect of Amitabha. She is sometimes depicted with three heads and three eyes and is the guardian of the south who protects from wild animals. Occasionally known as Mahasitavati, Amitabha, Amitabha, Amita, Amitayas, Great Vehicle, Amita(yas), Bhrkuti-Tara, Dharmadatuvagisvara, Dharmakari, Great Vehicle Mahabala, Vac(h), Vajradharma, Vajratara, Vak, Chinese Ami-t'o-fo, O-mi-t'o-fo, etc (see A-mi-t'ofo), Hindu Shiva, Japanese Amida, Tibetan O Pamé, Od-dpag-med or Pu Tai Ho-shang.

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