Tibetan - Any one of the Five Great Kings of Tibetan Buddhism. These beings were astrologers and magicians, worshipped as deities controlling various attributes; Bihar (deeds), Chos-skyon (magic), dGra-lha (body), Klu-dban (speech) and Thokchho (accomplishment). They were also known as the Panchamaharajas when their names were gSun-gi-rgyal (speech), Prin-las-gyirgyal- po (magic), sKui-rgyal-po (body), Tsun-gyi-rgyal-po (accomplishments) and Yon-tan-rgyal-po (deeds). Occasionally identified as Mahapancharaja, Ku-nga-gyal-po, Ku-nga-gyal-po, Panchamaharaja, Panchamaharaja, sKu-ina-rgyal-po or sKu-ina-rgyal-po.

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