magical birth

General - Many cultures have stories of women. Bearing children after being. Impregnated by some magical. Occurrence. Stories report conception as a result of consuming various foods or drinks; being exposed to sunlight or wind; or from rain, tears, mucus, etc. (1) In China, it was said that Y√ľan Shih was born through the spine of a hermit. (2) In Finnish lore, Marjatta was impregnated after eating a cranberry; Vainamoinen was so long in the womb that he was an old man when he was born. (3) The Greeks have stories of the impregnation of Danae by Zeus in the form of a shower of gold; of Hera bearing Ares after picking a flower and Hebe from a lettuce leaf; of Leto bearing Castor and Polydeuces after an encounter with Zeus in the form of a swan; of Pasiphae bearing the Minotaur, fathered by a bull. Athena was born from the head of Zeus and Dionysus from his thigh. (4) In Hindu lore, Yuvanasva, a man bore a son from his side after drinking a potion; Brahma was born from Vishnu's navel; Kadru and Kaitabha were born from Vishnu's ear; Manjushri was born from the pistil of the lotus. (5) The Irish say that Dectera produced Setanta (later, the hero Cuchulainn) as a result of swallowing a mayfly (the god Lugh in another form); Etain was turned into a butterfly by her husband's discarded first wife and later fell into a cup of tea which was drunk by the wife of Etar, king of Ulster who, in due course, produced a child, the reincarnated Etain. (6) In the Marshall Islands, Loa gave birth to Lejman and Wulleb from his leg and Wulleb similarly produced Edao and Jemaliwut. (7) Norse myths include the story of Heimdall said to have been fathered by Odin on the nine Wave Maidens who simultaneously gave birth to the boy. (8) In North American lore, the Navaho goddess Nao'tsiti was impregnated by the rainbow; Kukitat was born from his brother's shoulder; Malsum was born from his mother's armpit. (9) Persian lore refers to Mithra having been born, fully-formed, from a rock. (10) In South American myth, Coatlicue was impregnated by a ball of down or feathers; Chalchihuitlicue produced Quetzalcoatl after contact with a piece of jade; Xquiq became pregnant when the severed head of Hunhunapu spat into her hand; a medicine-man, Maira-pochy, impregnated a maiden by giving her fish. In some references, known as magical birth, miraculous birth or miraculous birth.

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