Irish - A mother-goddess. Queen of Connaught. Daughter of Eochaid Feidhleach and Cloithfhionn. Sister of Clothra, Eithne, Mughain and the Finn Eamhna. Wife of Ailill mac Mata and Conor. Mac Nessa. Mother of Findbhair, the Maini and Orlam. She was the first wife of Conor mac Nessa but left him and returned to her father at Tara. She later married Ailill, king of Connaught, but only after other marriages to Tinne and Eochaid Dala. She coveted the Brown Bull of Cooley and Ailill, her husband, led an expedition into Ulster to seize it. The bull was captured but Cuchulainn inflicted defeat on her army and she swore revenge. She invaded seven years later with another army, aided by the Children of Catalin who conjured up phantom battalions to harass the Ulstermen. She was killed by Furbaidhe, a son of Conor mac Nessa and Clothra, Maev's sister, who shot her with a piece of hard cheese from his sling. Called Maev, Madb, Madb, Mab, Maeve, Maeve, Meadhbh, Meadhbh, Meadhbha, Meadhbha, Medb, Medb, Macha, Medhbh, Medhbh, Medhbha, Medhbha, Queen Maeve, Queen Maeve, Me(a)dhbh(a) or Me(a)dhbh(a).

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