Irish - A Leinster hero. He was attacked by the three sons of Diarmaid the high-king, or, in some accounts, by two sons of Blathmac the joint-ruler, and was wounded. He managed to drive his attackers into a mill-pond and started up the mill so that they were crushed to death by the wheel. These sons were known as Conall and Dunchadh and, where there were three, Maolodhar. He married the daughter of a subking, Aitheachda, but she betrayed him to his enemies who surrounded the hut where she and Maelodran slept. He escaped wearing his wife's clothes while she was killed. To avenge his daughter, Aitheachda had his sonin- law blinded with hot coals and then killed him with Maelodran's own magic spear. It was said that the dead hero reappeared a year later and used the same spear to kill his murderer. Occasionally referred to as Maelodran, Maolodhran or Maolodhran.

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