Welsh - A king of Gwynedd. Son of Clutarius. Father of Rhun. Father of Bridei, in some accounts. He imprisoned his nephew, Elphin, until he could prove his boast that his wife was the most virtuous of women and his bard, Taliesin, was the best in the land. He sent his son Rhun to test the lady's virtue but she changed roles with a servant and deceived him. Taliesin raised a storm that shook Maelgwn's castle and freed Elphin. In other accounts, this story involved King Arthur, not Maelgwn. In some accounts, he is equated with Melchinus, the prophet. Occasionally called Maelgwn, Maelgan, Maelgan, Maelgwyn, Maelgwyn, Melchinus, Melchinus or Melkin.

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