Irish - A hero-voyager. A lord of Aran island. Son of Ailill Agach and a nun. When he grew up he learned that his father had been murdered by men from Leix, or men from the Laighis sept, and set out to avenge his death. He built a coracle for the seventeen who were to go with him but three others, his foster-brothers, insisted on going as well. In some versions, he was accompanied by sixty men. He travelled far and wide seeking the killers, regaining his youth by bathing in a lake. They had many strange adventures and called at many islands, such as the Island of Apples, the Island of Women where they stayed for many months, the Island of the Eagle and the Island of the Laughing People. They saw strange animals such as the beast that turned itself round inside its own skin and another which sat in a tree and ate the cattle which grazed below. When he eventually found the murderers he forgave them. Occasionally known as Maeldun, Mael Duin, Mael Duin, Mael Dunn, Mael Dunn, Maeldune, Maeldune, Mail Duin, Mail Duin, Maildun, Maildun, Maol Duin or Maol Duin.

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