Mael Fothartaig

Irish - A Leinster hero. Son of Ronan mac Colmain and Eithne. When Eithne died, Ronan married a younger woman who fell in love with Mael. To avoid conflict, Mael went to Scotland for a time, hunting with his dogs Dartenn and Dailin, but when he returned, the queen made further advances. His foster-brother, Congall, tried to help, by arranging a tryst for the queen with Mael and keeping the assignation himself, threatening to tell the king of her infidelity. Frustrated, she accused Mael of rape and Ronan had his son put to death by the warrior Aodan who also killed Congall when he protested. When the truth came out, Ronan died of grief and his wife poisoned herself. In another version, Mael's sons avenged his death by killing Aodan. In some references, known as Mael Fothartaig, Mail Fothartaig, Mail Fothartaig, Maol Fhothartaigh or Maol Fhothartaigh.

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