Welsh - King of Britain. Emperor of Rome. Husband of Elen. Father of Constantine and Sevira. As emperor of Rome, he dreamed of a beautiful maiden in a castle built on an island and became convinced that she was real so he sent out emissaries to find her. She was Elen, daughter of Eudaf, but she refused to leave her home so Macsen came to Britain and married her. After seven years, he and Elen took an army and recaptured Rome. Her brothers Cynan and Gadeon, who had helped her, were given the land of Armorica and established the Breton race. In an alternative story he fought Conan for the hand of the daughter of King Octavius, who some equate with Eudaf, but, having married her, joined forces with Conan and conquered Armorica. On occassion, known as Macsen, Macsen Wledig, Macsen Wledig, Magnus Maximus, Magnus Maximus, Maxen, Maxen, Maximian, Maximian, Maximianus, Maximianus, Maximus, Maximus, Maximian(us) or Maximian(us).

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