European - An adviser at Charlemagne's court. He lusted after Sibilla, wife of Charlemagne, and, when she was found in bed with a dwarf, recommended that she be banished rather than burnt at the stake. She was escorted to the frontier by Auborijn, but Macharijs followed them and attacked their party, killing Auberijn, though Sibilla managed to escape his clutches. The murdered man's dog conveyed the news of his master's death and the identity of his killer to Charlemagne and later attacked Macharijs. This tale is retold as the story of Aubry's dog, Dragon. In another version, in which the queen is referred to as Blanchefleur and he is Macaire, he tried to seduce the queen but failed. He incited the dwarf to do what he had failed to do and then threw the dwarf into the fire to prevent him from talking. In some lore, occasionally known as Macharijs, Macaire, Robert, Macaire, Robert, Macaire or Macaire.

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