Mac Da Tho

Irish - A king of Leinster. Son of Da Tho. He was the owner of a hound called Ossar, a whelp of the Brown Mouse, and a famous boar and he agreed to sell the hound to both Ailill, king of Connaught, and Conor, king of Ulster, stipulating that they bring their armies with them and killing the boar to serve at a feast. The warriors Cet of Connaught and Conall of Ulster disputed the right to carve the boar and a quarrel broke out which resulted in the two kings going to war. In the ensuing battle, the forces of Connaught were defeated but Ailill's charioteer, Fear Logha, killed the hound so that Mac Da Tho was left with no boar, no hound and no payment - but he had saved his kingdom from the warring kings. Some say that he was killed by Conall who crushed his brains and mixed the powder with lime to make the missile called the 'brain-ball'. In other accounts, it was the brain of Meas Geaghra that Conall used. Also identified as Mac Da Tho, Meas Geaghra, Meas Geaghra, Mesgedra, Mesgegra, Mesgora, Mesgora, Mesroda, Mesroda, Mesgora Mac DaTho or Mesgora Mac DaTho.

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