Celtic - A fabled lost land. This island is said to have been situated off the far south-west of Britain, supporting a happy agricultural society. Part of it, ruled by Galahad, was known as Surluse. The island was drowned under the Atlantic by water spirits jealous of the happiness and prosperity of the inhabitants. Only Trevilian escaped when the sea overwhelmed the island. Some say it was the land where Tristram was born, the land from which King Arthur came and the site of the final battle where he met his death. Others say that, when King Arthur was killed, Mordred survived and drove the remaining forces of the king to Lyonesse. The ghost of Merlin caused the land to sink beneath the waves taking Mordred's men with it while the king's men escaped. In some accounts, Liones is a separate realm. Sometimes referred to as Lyonesse.
British - A lady attacked by the Red Knight. Sister of Lynette. When the Red Knight besieged her castle, she sent Lynette to King Arthur's court to enlist help. The king sent Gareth who rescued Lyonesse and, in some accounts, married her. In some accounts, known as Lyonesse.

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