Greek - King of Argos. Son of Aegyptus, one of 50. Husband of Hypermnestra. Father of Abas. The only son to survive when they were murdered on the night of their wedding to the fifty daughters of Danaus. He killed his father-in-law and took his throne of Argos. Occasionally referred to as Lynceus.
Greek - Son of Aphareus and Arene. Twin brother of Idas. He joined the Calydonian boar hunt and sailed in Argo in which, having sharp eyes which could see beneath the earth, he acted as the look-out. He was killed by Polydeuces after a dispute over stolen cattle or, in some accounts, in the fight that ensued when Castor and Polydeuces abducted Hilaeria and Phoebe, the wives of Lynceus and his brother Idas. Also commonly identified as Lynceus.

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