Greek - King of Athens. Son of Pandion. Brother of Aegeus, Nisus and Pallas. He was expelled by Aegeus, who took over the throne of Athens, and fled to Lycia. Occasionally identified as Lycus.
Greek - A king of Thebes. Son of Chthonius. Brother of Nycteus, some say. He put aside his wife Antiope in favour of Dirce and they put Antiope in prison and ill-treated her. Antiope's sons by Apollo, Amphion and Zethus, avenged her by killing both Lycus and Dirce. In another story, he was the brother of Nycteus, the father of Antiope. Some say that he and Nycteus were fathered by Poseidon on Celaeno. At times, called Lycus.
Greek - King of Mariandyne. Son of Dascylus. Brother of Priolas. Father of Dascylus. When the Argonauts called en route to Colchis, Lycus sent his son to guide them along the shore. At times, called Lycus.
Greek - Son of Lycus and Dirce. He left Thebes after his father's death at the hands of Amphion and Zethus but returned later to wrest the throne from Creon. Heracles, married to Creon's daughter, killed Lycus and put Laodamas on the throne. Also referred to as Lycus.
Greek - A follower of Diomedes. He went to Italy with Diomedes and was turned into a bird by Aphrodite. Called Lycus.

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