Celtic - A festival of Lugh held on August. 1st to commemorate his fostermother, Taltiu. In some accounts, Lugnasad is a feast of marriage rites. On occassion, known as Lugnasad, Bilberry Sunday, Bilberry Sunday, Fraughan Sunday, Fraughan Sunday, Garland Sunday, Garland Sunday, Lughnasadh, Lughnasadh, Lugh's Mass, Lugh's Mass, Lugnasa, Lugnasa, Lugnasadh, Lugnasadh, Bron Troghain, Bron Troghain, Brontroghain, Lug(h)nasadh, Lug(h)nasadh, LuejiBritish Lammas, LuejiBritish Lammas, Manx Lla Lluanys, Manx Lla Lluanys, Welsh Calan Awst, Welsh Calan Awst, Gwyl Awst, Gwyl Awst or Calan Awst.

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