Lugh Chromain

Irish - A name of Lugh as a craftsman. When the invading Milesians conquered the Danaans, the defeated tribe retreated underground as fairies. Their leader, Lugh, became a craftsman leprechaun. His store of sunlight he buried at various sites, each to be marked by the end of a rainbow. On occassion, called Lugh Chromain, Lugh, Lugh, Bright One, The, An Scal, Find, Ildanach, Lug, Lugh Laebach, Lam(h)fada, Lonbemlech, Lonnbemnech, Ord-ollam, Samildanach, The Bright One, Celtic Lug, Gaulish Lugus, Roman Mercury or Welsh Llew Llaw Gyffes.

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