Lugaid Riabhdhearg

Irish - A king of Ireland. Foster-father of Cuchulainn. Son of Clothra. In some accounts, the three sons of Eochaid Feidhleach, known as Finn Eamhna, slept with their own sister, Clothra to father Lugaid. It was said that his body was divided by red stripes into three parts, each of which resembled one of his three fathers. In some accounts, she bore three sons, all called Lugaid. Others say that Lugaid slept with his own mother, Clothra, fathering Criomhthann Nia Nair. Some say that Cuchulainn rejected the love of Dearbhfhorgaill and gave her to Lugaid. In this version, he died of grief or by his own hand when she was mutilated by a group of jealous women. Other versions say that Dearbhfhorgaill was given to Lugaid, son of Curoi. He was killed by the three Redheads of Leinster. Also referred to as Lugaid Riabhdhearg, Lugaid, Lugaid, Son of Three Dogs, Lewy, Lughaid(h), Lugaid Reo-derg, Lugaid Reo-derg, Lugaid Red Stripes, Lugaid Red Stripes, Lughaid(h) Reo-derg, Lughaid(h) Reo-derg, Lugaid or Lugaid.

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