Lugaid mac Con

Irish - A king of Ireland. Son of Lugaid Laighde, some say. As king of Munster, he was defeated at the Battle of Ceann Abhradh by Ailill Olom and fled to Scotland. He later returned with an army, defeated Ailill and Art at the Battle of Magh Mucramha and took the high-king's throne. Some say that this battle arose out of an argument between Lugaid and Ailill's son, Eoghan Mor, over a tiny harper they had found in a tree. Lugaid later handed over the throne to Art's son, Cormac mac Airt, and tried to resume his earlier friendship with Ailill but the latter, by kissing him, infected Lugaid with the poison from an infected tooth. Ailill's son, Fearcheas, then followed Lugaid and killed him with a spear-cast. In some accounts, it was said that he never slept and this was accounted for by the fact that his father was an otter who took Lugaid to his underwater lair. He is sometimes regarded as being the same as an earlier character, Lugaid mac Con Roi. On occassion, referred to as Lugaid mac Con, Lugaid mac Con Roi, Lugaid mac Con Roi, Lewy, Lewy, Lugaid, Lugaid, Lugaid, Lugaid Lagha, Lugaid Laighde, Lugaid Lamhdhearg, Lugaid Luaighne, Lugaid Mean, Lugaid Riabhdhearg, Lugaid, Lughahid(h) or Lughahid(h).

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