Lugaid Laighde

Irish - Son of Daire. When hunting with his brothers they came upon an ugly old hag. Lugaid was the only one prepared to sleep with her, whereupon she turned into a beautiful maiden who foretold that he would become king. He is sometimes equated with Lugaid mac Con, though others regard him as Mac Con's father. Sometimes known as Lugaid Laighde, Lugaid Loigde, Lugaid Loigde, Lewy, Lewy, Lugaid, Lugaid, Lugaid, Lugaid Lagha, Lugaid Lamhdhearg, Lugaid Luaighne, Lugaid mac Con, Lugaid Mean, Lugaid Riabhdhearg, Lugaid, Lughaid(h) Loigde or Lughaid(h) Loigde.

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