Lugaid Lagha

Irish - A great warrior. Brother of Ailill Olom. Father of Gaoine, some say. When Finn's aunt, Uirne, was turned into a hound by the jealous first wife of Ullan, a king who wanted to marry Uirne, Lugaid killed Ulla, whereupon Uirne was restored to her former self and married her saviour. He went to Scotland with Lugaid mac Con when the latter was exiled and fought on his side when he returned to Ireland, killing Art at the Battle of Magh Mucramha. He later served Art's son, Cormac, when he came to the throne. In other versions, his son, known also as Mac Lughach, was a son of Lugaid who becomes a daughter of Finn mac Cool by her brother, Daire Dearg. Occasionally called Lugaid Lagha, Lugaid Lagae, Lugaid Lagae, Lewy, Lewy, Lugaid, Lugaid, Lugaid, Lugaid Laighde, Lugaid Lamhdhearg, Lugaid Luaighne, Lugaid mac Con, Lugaid Mean, Lugaid Riabhdhearg, Lugaid, Lughaid(h), Lughaid(h), Lugaid, Lugaid or Lugaid.

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