Lü Tung-pin

Chinese - One of the Eight Immortals. He was an 8th C prince and magistrate, reputed to be eight feet tall, who became one of the immortals. He was given a magic sword by the Fire Dragon for resisting temptation and used it to kill many dragons and evil beings. He met Chiung-li and convinced by a dream, of riches gained and then lost, that material possessions were worthless, became his disciple. He was said to have lived for over 400 years and is regarded as the guardian of the sick and patron of barbers. He is depicted with his sword slung over his back and a fly-whisk in one hand. This description is said to be that of Lu-tzu with whom he is sometimes confused. Sometimes identified as Lü Tung-pin, Lü Tsu, Lü Tsu, Lü Tun-yang, Lü Tun-yang, Lü Yen, Lü Yen, Shun-yang Tzu or Shun-yang Tzu.

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