North American - A werewolf in the lore of some Indian tribes of Canada. A man (but not a woman) can become a werewolf (or any other animal, such as a pig or a horse) as punishment meted out from heaven for some sin. He can return to his normal form if exorcised by a priest, if he loses blood while in his animal form or, sometimes, as a result of a blow on the head. Occasionally known as loupgarou.


West Indian - A Haitian voodoo spirit. These spirits are envisaged as witches flying by night who can adopt the form of a mosquito to suck the life out of children. It is said that, if the discarded skin is sprinkled with pepper, it becomes too painful for the owner to resume his proper form. If a loupgarou is wounded, the scar is still visible when the human form is resumed and from this the person can be identified as a werewolf and killed. (.see also legarau.liberou) In some accounts, known as Loupgarou.

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