British - King of Lothian and Orkney. Husband of Anna, Belisent, Morgause or Sangive. Father of Agravain, Clarissant, Gaheris, Gareth,Gawain, Soredamor and Thaney. Father of Denw by Anna, some say. Father of Dioneta by Gwyar, some say. Father of Cundrie by Sangive, some say. Originally he was an enemy of King Arthur. His enmity towards the king arose when the king seduced his wife Morgause, fathering the boy Mordred. He was one of the kings and barons who rose in revolt against King Arthur but, after being defeated in battle, became the king's friend. When Arthur defeated the Saxons, he restored to Lot the lands that the invaders had taken from him. In some stories he was king of Northumberland and a former king of Denmark. Other accounts say that his uncle, Sichelm, left him the throne of Norway. When Riculf took the throne on the death of Sichelm, King Arthur invaded Norway, killed Riculf and installed Lot as king. He should have taken his army to help Nero in his battle with King Arthur but Merlin delayed him and he arrived when the battle was over and Nero dead. He made a belated attack but his forces were defeated and he was killed by Pellimore. At times, known as Lot, divination, divination, lot, mantology, sortilege, ` or bokusen.
Irish - Wife of Garbh. Mother of Goll. She was a warrior-woman leading the Fomoire in battle with Partholan. She was said to have four eyes in her back and lips growing from her breasts. In some accounts, identified as Lot, divination, divination, lot, mantology, sortilege, ` or bokusen.

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