Long Arrow

North American - A hero of the Blackfoot tribe. When his parents died, his sister was adopted by another family but Long Arrow, being deaf, was abandoned and lived on any scraps he could find. Later his hearing returned and he was taken in by Good Running. To repay the old man's kindness, Long Arrow undertook to find the elk-dogs, their word for horses. After travelling for many days, Long Arrow arrived at the edge of a lake where a young boy offered to take him to his grandfather's lodge under the lake. The boy then turned into a kingfisher and dived into the water and when Long Arrow followed he found himself in an underwater world where there were many horses. The grandfather had a secret - he had the legs of a horse - and when Long Arrow discovered this he was allowed to have a wish. He chose the old man's belt and robe and a herd of horses which he took back to his tribe. When his people made a pilgrimage to the lake to thank the old chief, they found nothing but water and some fish. Also called Long Arrow.

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