Lone Man

North American - A demi-god of the Mandan Indians. He walked on the primordial waters with First Creator and, having been shown by a duck that earth would be brought up from the bottom, set about creating the world. He created the flat lands while First Creator made the mountains, trees and streams. He met Coyote, who called himself First Man, and they quarrelled over who was the elder. Lone Man killed First Man with his spear but the dead man's skeleton returned to life as Coyote and they became partners in creating the land animals as food for the tribes. He was later born to a Mandan maiden and became a culture-hero of that tribe, teaching them many things. When he stole a white buckskin coat from Hoita, the latter exacted vengeance by collecting all the animals and enclosing them in the Dog Den. Lone Man turned himself into a hare and hid in the Dog Den where he learned that Hoita's power came from a magic drum. He then made an even more powerful drum for himself and overcame poita, releasing all the trapped animals. He also defeated the evil Maninga but he came again, four years later, in the form of a great flood which swamped the Mandan villages. Lone Man built a stockade called the Great Canoe and saved his people. He once again defeated Maninga, using the magic of his drum, and Maninga was swept away in the receding flood waters. At the end of his time on earth, he placed a red-painted cedar in the centre of his village to which people could offer sacrifices and which was given to them as an assurance that he would one day return. Also commonly identified as Lone Man, Lucky Man, Lucky Man, Wolf-Man, Only Man or Only Man.

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