Pacific Islands - Husband of Hiiaka and Pele. This young chieftain married Pele after her first husband deserted her but Pele left him soon after the wedding to prepare a new home. It took so long for the message to reach Lohiau that he died. He was revivified and set out with his attendants to go to Pele. Again it took a long time and Pele lost her patience and killed them all with fire. Another variation says that Pele's sister, Hiiaka, rescued his soul from the underworld and, when he was restored to life, he fell in love with her. The jealous Pele poured lava over him and he died again. In some stories, Hiiaka again went to the underworld to await the arrival of his soul, not knowing that his soul was searching for her in the upper world. The god Kane-hoalani reunited Lohiau's soul with his body and gave him a magic shell in which he sailed to an island where he was reunited with Hiiaka and married her. Also identified as Lohiau.

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