German - Son of Parsifal and Condwiramur. Brother of Aribadale and Kardiez. Husband of Elsa and Belaye. When the princess Elsa was accused of murdering her brother Godfrey, heir to the dukedom of Brabant, Lohengrin was sent from the temple of the Grail to her rescue riding on a swan. He defeated her accuser, Frederick of Telramund, and married Elsa without revealing his name. When he was later persuaded to tell her his name, he left her and was carried by the swan back to the temple of the Grail. Before leaving, he restored Godfrey, who had been turned into a swan by the magic of Ortrud, Frederick's wife, to his human form. He later married Belaye but her parents, believing that he had put her under a spell, had him killed. Occasionally identified as Lohengrin, Knight of the Swan, Knight of the Swan, Swan Knight, Loherangrin, Loherangrin, Loherangrin Swan Knight, Loherangrin Swan Knight, Welsh Lohenergrain or Welsh Lohenergrain.

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