British - A king of Britain. Son of Brutus. Husband of Gwendolen. Father of Habren by Estrildis. Father of Maddan by Gwendolen. On the death of his father, Locrinus and his brother Albanact shared the kingdom and ruled peacefully. When the German Humbert invaded, Locrinus joined forces with Camber and defeated the invaders. He fell in love with the captive Estrildis, daughter of Humbert, and had an affair with her despite being betrothed to Gwendolen. He married Gwendolen but kept Estrildis in an underground chamber as his mistress. He fathered a son, Maddan, on Gwendolen, and a daughter, Henben or Sabra, on Estrildis. While Gwendolen was away attending the funeral of her father Corin, Locrinus abandoned her and proclaimed Estrildis queen. Gwendolen raised an army in Cornwall and killed Locrinus herself, taking over as queen. Sometimes referred to as Locrinus, Locrin, Locrin, Locrine, Locrine, Locris, Locris, Logres, Locrin(e), Locrin(e), Logris or Logris.

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