Pacific Islands - Creator-god of the Marshall Islands. Having created the reefs, planets and birds, he then produced a god to rule each of the four cardinal points. These were Irjojrilik (west), Lajbuineamuen or Lalikian (north), Lokoman (east) and Lorok (south). In one version he was the father of the first couple, Wulleb and Lejman, who were born from his leg. The hero Edao was later born from his leg or, in some accounts, was the son of Wulleb and Lejman. When a poor couple, having no food to offer the god, killed and cooked their own daughter, Kavaonau, to provide a meal, Loa had the head and body buried separately. From the head grew the kava and from the body came sugar cane. Later, when he saw how his descendants quarrelled, he jumped into the sea, causing a huge wave which drowned them all. Occasionally referred to as Loa, Lowa, Lowa or Loa.


West Indian - A god of the voodoo cult: a spirit. Taking possession of a human. Many of these beings are derived from deities of the African regions from which many West Indians originated; others are based on Christian saints. In the former category there are such spirits as loa Dahomey, loa Ibolele, loa Congo, loa Senegal, etc. On occassion, identified as loa, Lowa, Lowa, Loa or Loa.

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