Welsh - A sky-god. A king of Britain. Son of Beli and Dôn. Brother of Caswallawn, Llefelys and Nyniaw. Father of Creiddylad and Gwyn. When Beli died, Lludd came to the throne. During his reign the country was afflicted by three plagues and he sought advice from his brother, Llefelys, king of France, as to how to deal with them. He then killed the mysterious Coranieids by using a spray made of insects crushed in water, trapped the dragons whose shrieks had been driving people mad and trapped the giant who had been stealing food from the palace. He trapped the dragons by making them drunk on mead and then had them carried to Wales and buried on Mount Erith. They were later released by Vortigern when he built his castle there. Some accounts assert that Lludd, son of Beli, is a different character from Lludd Silverhand. On occassion, called Lludd, Lludd Llaw Eraint, Lludd Llaw Eraint, Lud, Lludd Llawereint, Lludd Llawereint, Lludd Silverhand, Lludd Silverhand, Lot, Lot, Nudd, Nudd, British Nodens, Irish Nuada, Lot British Lud or Lot British Lud.

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