Llew Llaw Gyffes

Welsh - Sun-god, god of light. A legendary hero. Son of Aranrhod. Brother of Dylan. One of two (or some say three) boys born mysteriously to Aranrhod, a footholder to King Math, he was raised by her brother, Gwydion the magician, who was probably the boy's father. In one version, Gwydion collected a drop of blood that fell when Dylan was born, wrapped it in cloth and put it in a chest. He heard a cry from the chest and opened it to find a baby. In another story Llew was the son of Goewen, the previous footholder to King Math, who had been seduced by Gilfaethwy, Gwydion's brother. Aranrhod cursed the boy so that he could never marry a mortal woman so Gwydion and Math, also a magician, made a non-human wife, Blodeuedd, for him. She had an affair with Gronw and the lovers planned to kill Llew. Gronw wounded him with a spear but Llew turned into an eagle and escaped. Gwydion found him and returned him to human form, turning Blodeuedd into an owl at the same time. Llew then sought out Gronw and killed him. Llew, without a wife, got bored and finally went to live in the sea with his grandfather Llyr. Also referred to as Llew Llaw Gyffes, Huan, Huan, Lleu, Lleu, Lluch Llauyinnauch, Lluch Llauyinnauch, Lluch Llauynnauch, Lluch Llauynnauch, Nant y Llew, Nant y Llew, Celtic Lug, Celtic Lug, Lugh, Irish Lugh, Irish Lugh, Lug or Lugus.

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