British - A companion of King Arthur on the expedition to Annwfn to seize the magic cauldron. A similar story involves Llenlleawc (who was Irish) and the expedition to Ireland to seize the magic cauldron of Diwrnach, one of the objects that Culhwch was required to get in his quest for the hand of Olwen. In some accounts, he is identified with Bedivere. In some accounts, identified as Lleminawc, Bedivere, Bedivere, Bedevere, Bedver, Belvoure, WelshBedvyr, Bedwor, Bedwyr, Llenlleawc, Llaminawc, Llaminawc, Llaminawg, Llaminawg, Lleminawg, Lleminawg, Llwch Llawyanawc, Llwch Llawyanawc, Llwch Lleminawc, Llwch Lleminawc, LLaminawc, LLaminawc, Lleminawg Llwch LLawwyanawc or Lleminawg Llwch LLawwyanawc.

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