Little Man

North American - A hero of the Metis tribe. He was very small and hairy but extremely powerful and owned a magic knife given to him by a grateful tribe after he killed a bear monster. He met Smoking Mountain and his brother, Broken War Club, and together they went looking for adventure. One day Broken War Club stayed in the lodge they had found to do the cooking and the other pair went hunting. When they returned, Broken War Club was still moaning from a beating he had received from a tiny dwarf and the same thing happened next day to Smoking Mountain. Little Man stayed home the next day and killed the ugly dwarf who came out from a deep hole. They lowered first Broken War Club and then Smoking Mountain into the hole in a kettle on a rope and they were scared by the noises they heard so Little Man went down. He was attacked successively by monsters with two, then three and finally four heads and killed all three of them. He rescued the three girls the monsters had kept locked up and sent them up in the kettle together with much plunder from the monsters' home. When it was his turn to go up, Broken War Club cut the rope and they left him to die but he managed to climb out. For helping them to settle an argument, a wasp, a worm and a woodpecker each gave him the power to assume their shape. He soon overtook the fleeing men and killed Broken War Club, sending Smoking Mountain packing and keeping the girls and the treasure for himself. Later, he rescued another girl from a huge monster by killing first the monster himself and then the grizzly, the brown bear, panther, wolf, wolverine, fox, rabbit, and quail that successively emerged from the last body. The quail produced an egg which, smashed against the original monster's horn, killed him beyond hope of revival. As a result, Little Man acquired more treasure and a fourth wife. In some references, known as Little Man.

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