Irish - A sea-god. Husband of Aobh and Aoife. Father of Manannan and Sainred. Father of Aedh, Conn, Fiachra and Fionuala. He had four children by Aobh and when she died, he married her sister, Aoife, who turned the children into swans. Later, Lir returned them to human shape but they had grown old and wrinkled. Aoife was changed by Bodb Dearg into a demon as punishment. Also commonly referred to as Lir, King Lir, King Lir, Ler, Ler, Le(i)r, Le(i)r, Welsh Ll(e)yr, Welsh Ll(e)yr, Children of Lir, Children of Lir, Aedh, Aobh, Bodb Dearg, Conn, Fiachra, Fionuala or Oidead Clainne Lir.

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