British - A knight of King Arthur's court. Brother of Bors. In some versions he is the cousin of Lancelot and, with Bors, was stolen by Nimue and reared in her underwater kingdom as a companion for Lancelot. Other versions say that he was Lancelot's nephew. He was one of the many knights captured and imprisoned by Tarquin, who hated all Arthur's knights, until rescued by Lancelot. He was once held captive by King Vagor of Estrangot and was due to fight the king's son, Marabron, in a duel. When Lionel was injured, Lancelot took his place, defeated Marabron and released Lionel. He became king of Gaul and, after the death of King Arthur, died at the hand of Mordred's son, Melehan. Referred to as Lionel, Lyonel or Lyonel.

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