British - The owner of a pet parrot won by King Arthur. On occassion, identified as Lion, Leo, Leo, Lion or Arab Asad.


General - A large, fierce animal of the cat. Family, regarded as king of the beasts, appears in many mythologies. (1) In Babylonia, the demon Ugallu was a form of lion and the lion was also regarded as the steed of Nergal. (2) In Buddhism, the lion (simha) was the favoured steed of several deities including Avalokiteshvara and Maitreya. (3) In China, the immortal, Chiushou, often took the form of a lion (shih). (4) Christian symbolism has the lion representing Christ and a number of saints, including Mark. (5) In Egypt the lion was a symbol of the sun and the sun-god and also the deities Sef and Tuau. (6) The Greek hero, Heracles, killed the Cithaeronian Lion and the Nemean Lion and wore a lion's skin as a cloak. (7) The Hebrews used the lion as the symbol of the tribe of Judah. (8) In Hindu lore, the fourth avatar of Vishnu was Narasinha, the man/lion. The lion is also one of the signs of the Zodiac. (9) In Persia the lion was used as the national emblem. (10) The Romans regarded the lion as the animal of the god Vulcan. (11) In Thailand this animal is regarded as the ancestor of the royal family. Sometimes known as lion, Leo, Leo, Lion, Lion or Arab Asad.

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