Mesopotamian - A Babylonian goddess. She is envisaged as a winged demonwoman attacking sleeping men. Also called Lilith.
Hebrew - A hairy monster who married the Devil. In some accounts, Lilith was expelled from paradise and slept with the Devil, producing the jinn. Other versions say that she flew off in the form of a vampire or took the form of a black cat, preying on new-born babies. In this context, her name is used to refer to the star Algol, previously known as Rosh ha Satan (Satan's Head). In some accounts, she is identified with Empusa or Lamia, while others refer to her as the queen of Zamargad, the plentiful home of lovers. In some references, identified as Lilith.
General - In astrology, the star Algol or a hypothetical planet. Occasionally identified as Lilith.

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