Li T'ieh-kuai

Chinese - One of the Eight Immortals. God of apothecaries and the disabled. He was originally a student known as Li Ning-yang and he developed the power of leaving his body to visit Laotzu in heaven. On one occasion, his disciple, Lang Ling, thinking his master truly dead, burned his body so that, when he finally returned, he was forced to find another body, that of a lame beggar. As a result, he is depicted as a beggar using a crutch given to him by Hsi Wang Mu or Lao-tzu. Another story says that he was taught by Hsi Wang Mu who cured him when he had an ulcer on his leg. It left him lame so she gave him the iron crutch with which he is depicted. He is said, on one occasion, to have walked into a fiery furnace and emerged unscathed. On another occasion he crossed a river by standing on a floating leaf. Sometimes identified as Li T'ieh-kuai, Iron Crutch, Iron Crutch, Kung Mu, Kung Mu, Li Ning-yang, Li Ning-yang, Li Yüan, Li Yüan, T'ieh-kuai, T'ieh-kuai, T'ieh-kuai Li, T'ieh-kuai Li, T'ieh-kuai (Li) or T'ieh-kuai (Li).

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