Li No-cha

Chinese - A Taoist god, guardian of the heavenly gates. Son of Li Ching. In one story, he was said to be the son of a heavenly unicorn and Li Ching's wife, appearing as a ball of flesh which, when cut open, revealed a boy who immediately grew to manhood. When he later committed suicide in remorse when he accidentally killed an attendant of the goddess Shih-Chi- Niang-Niang, he was reborn as a sixty foot giant with three heads and eight arms. The gods made him an armourbearer to the Jade Emperor. Another version says that a priest, Chin-kuang Tung, appeared in a dream to a woman who subsequently bore a monstrous lump of flesh which her husband cut open with his sword to reveal a baby boy with three heads, each with three eyes, and eight arms, who was wearing the clothes and the bracelet of the priest. He grew to be sixty feet tall at the age of seven and had the power to produce blue clouds from his mouth. He used his bracelet to kill a retainer of the Dragon King who attempted to arrest him when he disturbed the Dragon King and in the Battle of 10,000 Spirits, he defeated the immortal Feng-lin using his bracelet and his wind-fire wheel. In some accounts, he was a reincarnation of Ling Chu-tzu. Sometimes called Li No-cha, No Cha, No Cha, Ling Chu-tzu, Ling Chu-tzu or Intelligent Pearl.

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