African - A malevolent spirit of the Ngbandi. The spirit lives in the stomach and the person so affected is invisible and may steal children and corpses and eat them. Occasionally referred to as Li.


Chinese - The active principle, opposed to ch'i. Ch'i and li combined to form Yin and Yang. Also referred to as li.
Chinese - A fire-god. Son or grandson of Chuan Hsü. Brother of Chung. When his father (or grandfather) came to the throne, he put Li in charge of mortal affairs to restore order. Referred to as Li.
Chinese - A Taoist deity. One of the Four Diamond Kings. He is depicted holding a pagoda. Sometimes referred to as Li.
Chinese - One of the Eight Diagrams, representing fire, sun, heat and the pheasant. Occasionally called Li.
Chinese - One of the 3 main types of dragon. At times, referred to as li.
Irish - Son of Dedad. Called Li.

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