Li Ban

Irish - Daughter of Eochaid mac Maireadha. Sister of Airiu. She and the rest of her family were overwhelmed when Lough Neagh was formed but she survived in an underwater bower. She turned into a salmon and lived in the sea for some 300 years. She met a monk, Beoan, who was en route to Rome and made a promise to meet him a year later. When she was caught in the net of another monk, Fergus, they argued over her but she chose to die and go to heaven rather than continue her existence for another 300 years. Before she died, she was baptised as Muirgen. On occassion, known as Li Ban, Liban or Liban.
Irish - Wife of Tadhg mac Cein. She and her husband's brothers, Airnealach and Eoghan, were carried off by Camthann to a foreign land called Fresen. Tadhg arrived with a force of warriors and, with the help of Camthann's nephews, conquered Fresen, killed Camthann and freed his wife and his brothers. In some lore, occasionally identified as Li Ban, Liban or Liban.
Irish - Daughter of Aedh Abrat. Sister of Angus mac Aedh and Fand. Wife of Labraid Luathlam. When her husband sought the aid of Cuchulainn to defeat his enemies, she was sent to offer Fand, her sister, in payment for his help. Another story says that she and Fand incapacitated Cuchulainn for a whole year when they attacked him with whips. In some accounts, she was the daughter of the goddess Flidhais. Some accounts describe her as a goddess who sometimes took the form of a bird. Sometimes known as Li Ban, Liban or Liban.

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