Greek - Co-king, with Aphareus, of Messenia. Son of Pereires and Gorgophone. Father of Arsinoe, Hilaeria and Phoebe. Sometimes called Leucippus.
Greek - A Cretan girl who was changed into a boy by Leto. Daughter of Lamprus and Galatea. Lamprus ordered his wife to kill their expected child if it should turn out to be a girl. When a girl was duly born, Galatea dressed her like a boy and reared her as such. Eventually the truth came out and mother and child took refuge in the temple of Leto where Galatea prayed to the goddess. Her prayers were answered when Leto changed the girl into a boy. Also commonly referred to as Leucippus.
Greek - Son of Oenomaus. He fell in love with Daphne, the nymph who rejected all men. To approach her, he disguised himself as a nymph but the others discovered the trick when they were bathing together and killed him. Occasionally identified as Leucippus.

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