Greek - A Titaness. Goddess of darkness. Daughter of Coeus and Phoebe. Sister of Asteria. Mother of Apollo and Artemis by Zeus. She was abandoned by Zeus when he made her pregnant and pursued by Python at the behest of the jealous Hera. She wandered the earth until finally carried by a dolphin to the floating island of Ortygia (later Delos) which welcomed her and gave her sanctuary for the birth of her children, Apollo and Artemis. Poseidon chained the island to the bottom of the sea so that its motion should not disturb Leto and her children and two men who, at the instigation of Hera, had stirred up the mud in a pool to prevent Leto from taking a drink were turned into frogs by Zeus. Some accounts say that Ortygia and Delos were two separate places while others say that the island of Asteria (Leto's sister turned into a rock by Zeus) was the site of the birth of the twins. Some say that Leto arrived on Delos in the form of a wolf to deceive Hera. She was said to have changed Leucippus from a girl to a boy. Some accounts have Leto as the wife of Zeus before Hera. In some references, referred to as Leto, Lato, Lato, Roman Latona, Roman Latona, Asteria, Asteria, Asterie, Astraea or Sterope.

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