Slavic - An evil forest-spirit. A type of karliki. These one-eyed beings are said to rape young women after luring them into the forest. They are regarded as the progeny of mortal women and demons, capable of changing their shape at will, and are said to have blue faces with green beards. Some say that they fell from heaven when Satan was expelled. In some references, referred to as Leshi, Leschi, Leschi, Leshy, Leshy, Miets-hozjin, Lesiy, Lesiy, Lesiye, Lesiye, Lesovik, Lesovik, Ljeschi, Ljeschi, Lychie, Lychie, Lyeshy, Lyeshy, Vare-jielle, Vare-jielle, Leschi,Leshy, Leschi,Leshy, Lesiy(e), Lesiy(e), Lsovik, Lsovik, Lyeshie, Lyeshie, Miehts-Lozjin or Miehts-Lozjin.

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