Lei Tsu

Chinese - God of silk-weavers and cake-makers. Controller of storms. Husband of T'ien Mu. Father of Lei Jen Tsu and Lei Kung. He was the earthly minister, Wen Chung, and was on the losing side at the Battle of Mu, fleeing to the mountains. Yün Chung-tzu caused eight columns of flames to surround the fugitive and he was burnt to ashes, becoming the god Lei Tsu. He is envisaged as having three eyes, one of which, in the middle of his forehead, emits a death-dealing beam. For transport he has a black unicorn said to travel at immense speed. In some accounts, Lei Tsu is female, the goddess of agriculture and the wife of Huang Ti, and said to have been the first person to domesticate the silkworm. Others say that this was Hsiling Shih. Occasionally referred to as Lei Tsu, Ancestor of Thunder, Ancestor of Thunder, Wen Chung T'ai-shih or Wen Chung T'ai-shih.

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