Irish - An attendant on Deirdre. Conor, the high king, put her in charge of Deirdre to raise her until she reached marriageable age. Lavarcham introduced her to Naisi with whom she eloped. The lovers were induced to return on a promise of safe conduct but Conor had Naisi and his two brothers killed and took Deirdre by force. Lavarcham died of grief and shame. In some accounts, she is said to be a prophetess able to travel through the whole of Ireland in a day. It was said that her legs below the knee faced backwards. Occasionally referred to as Lavarcham, Leabarcham, Leabarcham, Leabharcham, Leabharcham, Lebarcham, Lebarcham, Lebharcham, Lebharcham, Lebhorcham, Lebhorcham, Levarcam, Levarcam, Le(a)b(h)archam or Le(a)b(h)archam.

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